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Fee Restructure

2023/24 Registration Fee Restructure

Legacy Football Club is rolling out a restructured format for Summer Competitive Registration fees, beginning with the 2024 Competitive season. The newly created fee structure offers the following advantages:

  • Includes more services in your Club registration payment
  • Eliminates the previous “nickel and dime” fee collection approach
  • Relieves team managers of carrying financial burden for their team
  • Provides more and better payment plan options​​​​​​​
  • Allows the Club to better manage fees for maximum budgeting efficiency

The main difference you’ll see is the amount collected by the Club. LFC is now collecting tournament fees and coach stipends at the time of registration -- these funds will be used to register and pay for tournaments and to avoid the need to collect more money from membership throughout the season.

We believe this updated structure will be a huge benefit to our teams, coaches and managers! Payment plans are available and include monthly, quarterly or pay in full options. 

Where Does My Money Go?

Team Expenses include facility use, referees, training equipment and other costs that directly impact the individual team.

Operational Expenses include costs needed to keep the Club running for its membership, including employee salaries, league registrations, referee assignors and more.


Are there cost increases?
Yes, depending on your age and playing level, you may see moderate fee increases. These increases cover increased Club expenses such as indoor field space rentals, referee costs, coach pay and more.

What’s different?
The major difference you’ll see is a jump in the initial registration sticker price. We’ve combined team tournament fee(s), coach stipend(s) and Club registration fee into one expense -- so instead of paying your Club registration fee in August and tournament/coach/misc. fees later, all funds will be collected through registration.

  • Classic Level= 1 Tournament
  • Select Level = 2 Tournaments
  • Elite Level = 3 Tournaments

*If teams decided to do more tournaments than what is outlined, additional funds will need to be paid out of pocket and collected by the manager

**Travel expenses are not collected as part of the registration fee. If a team elects to participate in an out of state/overnight tournament individuals are responsible for their own travel and accommodations.

How do these costs compare to other clubs?
Based on a review of metro area soccer clubs, we can confidently say that Wright County SC offers a more affordable and accessible pricing structure by comparison. If you'd like further information on the data collection, please contact Erika Doimer, Director of Operations

If I pay my summer registration fee am I done paying for the year?
The summer registration fee will be collected after July tryouts and covers expenses for the team throughout the year. Expenses in addition to Club registration fees are team-based and may include:

  • Uniforms/kits purchased every other year ($160)
  • Fall Competitive Soccer for ages U9-14 ($190-265)
  • TCSL Winter League ($255-320)
  • NSC (Blaine) Winter League ($90-120)
  • Academy (Winter Skills) Training ($150-175 per session)
  • Personal travel expenses for tournaments
  • Coach flight/hotel costs for out-of-state tournaments
  • Ad-hoc team events, meals and/or purchases

What payment options are offered?

  • Monthly payments (August through June)
  • Quarterly payments (Q4 through Q2)
  • ​​​​​​​Pay in full at registration