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We Develop Players
Simply put, if your player wants to improve, s/he will improve at Legacy FC. As a playercentric club, Legacy FC focuses on individual player development to help drive each player to their own personal goals.

We're a TCSL Club
This means the competition is better and more consistent, and you won't find yourself driving to Timbuktu for a game in the middle of the week. TCSL's clubs reside with a 30-mile radius of Allianz Field, saving miles, money and sanity!

Teams at All Levels
Each player's path is unique. Legacy FC fields teams at all TCSL levels, including Cities, State, Regional and NPL -- so there's a place for every player!

Affordable Programming
Every parent knows youth sports are E X P E N S I V E! We're sensitive to this and do everything we can to minimize the financial burden on families. As an active 501(c)(3) organization, we use donations to offset costs, and we avoid unnecessary expenditures that don't directly benefit our membership.

We're Transparent & We Communicate
Inquiries about any topic are answered quickly! No more getting lost in email abyss, you're our top priority. Whether it be questions about your player, programming options, billing and payments, or otherwise, we'll answer expeditiously. Don't believe us? Try for yourself → 

We Have a GREAT Director of Coaching!
It's likely Steve Doimer, Legacy FC's DOC, knows your child by name. That's because, unlike traditional DOCs, Steve is invested in each player's individual development. As the lead trainer for Legacy FC's Academy Training, Steve has a first-hand look at every player and can offer his unique perspective to facilitate their growth.

Elite Coaching
A diverse mix of licensure, experience, origin and style is what makes Legacy FC's coaching staff unique. We thrive on each other's differing perspectives and use our combined backgrounds to give your player the best and most holistic youth soccer experience.

College Programming
We want soccer to be a lifelong sport for your child! Regardless of level, we're here to help your child understand the college recruiting process, build realistic expectations and connect them with valuable college soccer resources. See Legacy FC's CAP Program for more information.

Multiple Sport Participation Support
At Legacy FC, we value multi-sport athletes. With strong communication as a foundation, we work with your family to create a healthy balance between activities and to ensure the best experience for your player.

Local, Community-based Programming
New to soccer in the area? Only Legacy FC offers three community-based recreational programs in the west metro. Choose from Buffalo, Delano or Rockford and play for the program that fits your needs!

Legacy FC Values

Love for the Game
Love for the game of soccer is not only a desire to develop skills and become better players. It encapsulates the passion and excitement for the sport. It sparks joy and connection with the soccer community and it honors the tradition of the beautiful game.

We uphold strong moral and ethical principles both on and off the field, fostering a culture of honesty, fairness and respect.

We encourage individual players to take responsibility for their development by being committed to their training. We strive to foster a sense of personal growth and accountability across all of our programs.

We create an environment that promotes holistic player and team growth, paired with a positive team culture. 

Fair play with an emphasis on respect for each other, our opponent, the officials and the game.

Legacy FC Mission & Vision

At Legacy Football Club, our mission is to create an environment where joy, excellence and personal growth are fostered through the game of soccer. We believe in the power of sports to positively shape young lives, and we are committed to cultivating a soccer community that goes beyond skill development and winning games. Our aim is to build not only good soccer players but also good people who embody integrity, sportsmanship and a lifelong love for the beautiful game.

At Legacy FC, our vision is to establish ourselves as the premier choice for youth soccer in the West Metro area. We are driven by a commitment to delivering exceptional player development programs and an extensive array of accessible soccer experiences for all players. Guided by a player-centered philosophy, Legacy FC programming cultivates a nurturing and empowering atmosphere that prioritizes the personal growth and well-being of each individual. With this dedication to accessibility and excellence, we empower young athletes to unleash their full potential and build their legacy!

Questions? Contact Us!

Questions? Contact Us!

Phone: (763) 568-1941